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Today’s Menu: Pizza and Plaster!

Posted by Todd on May 12, 2007

A bit ago I had an idea to build a display base for Warmachine battlegroups.  I made a form out of foamcore, poured some plaster of paris, and today I finished up on the bulk of the carving.

The concept:  A display-style base, whereupon you can place a heavy ‘jack, up to three light ‘jacks, and a warcaster.  So it has 5 “plateaus” among a rocky outcrop, 1 sized for the a large base, and the rest sized for medium bases.  I’m going to fashion a “reducer” piece to go on one of the plateaus to make it proper for a small base.  I’m also going to create a blank, that can turn one of the mediums into a rock, for battle groups with only two light ‘jacks.

Provided this works out, it will be perfect for displaying a battlegroup that’s been assembled and painted straight from the box.  They all have a caster and a heavy ‘jack, some have two lights and others three, hence the “blank”.  I’m going to make a silicone mold, so I can cast them in resin.

Depending on how they’re painted/based, it should work for all the factions.  Rocky with some greenery for Cygnar, Snowed for Khador, Sandy for Menoth, add some skulls and such for Cryx.

Maybe I can sell em on eBay or off the site.  Speaking of which, I need to post in rants after I finish here…

The pizza was Papa Johns’ Meat Lovers, by the way.  (And the Dew has been flowing liberally, of course.)


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