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School is in!

Posted by Todd on May 14, 2007

So what if I only had a week or so off between spring and summer semester?  Indeed.

Today begins the paths to Principles of Accounting and Applied Ethics.  There’s a one-two-uppercut combo for both sides of your brain if ever I heard one.

My thoughts:

After reviewing the syllabi of the above mentioned courses, the workload of this semester looks like it will make up for the, shall we say, “ease” of last semester’s undertakings.

I had taken accounting “back in the day” when I started college the first time at Belmont Tech.  I did OK, but hated it, and don’t remember a damn thing about it now.  Thus, a bit intimidating.  However, looking at ANGEL (the college’s online learning system) it seems that I have a quality teacher, good materials, and most importantly, an instructor who knows how to use the ANGEL system efficiently and in an effective manner.  I have had online courses with professors who did not have this all-important quality, and it makes all the difference.  I am not afraid of my accounting class, based solely on this information.

Ethics.  Hmm.  While not in the “priest” category of ethical folk, I consider myself to be an above averagely ethical man.  While I am not going to blow this course off as an easy A, it doesn’t scare me that much either.

Humorous side note:  Part of the introductory portion of the course was to review and be quizzed on the college’s academic honesty policy.  I followed (or rather, tried to follow) the link to the AHP page, but it was a broken link.  No worries, I thought, don’t cheat, don’t copy, don’t plagarize, etc., how hard can the quiz be?

You are allowed to take the quiz TEN times, but you must get a 100% to continue in the course.  10 questions, true/false.

It took me three tries, due to wording, lateness of the hour, and carelessness on my part.  Three tries on an Academic Honesty Policy quiz, as a prerequisite for an Ethics course!   Classic!


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