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The New Campaign

Posted by Todd on June 9, 2007

Well, just about a week ago (or was it two?) the family and I began a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  Tracy has a Druid 5/Scout 1 Sun Elf, Stefen has a Duskblade 6 Sun Elf, and Becca has a Barbarian 6 Dwarf.

Just started, but at ECL 6?  Yeah.  I figure that since their other characters are all 25+ level, they had enough playing experience to start off higher than 1st level.

It was kind of a quickly thrown together sort of deal, so I had to resort to (GASP!) a pre-written adventure.  One quick peek around Wizards’ adventure archive normally does the trick, and sure enough I got this guy.

It worked out pretty well.  They fought a horde of Orcs in the (sort-of) ruined keep, cut deals with the trolls, (even though one tried to turn on them and had to be burnt) and freed the Winter Wolf (in exchange for its helping them kill the turncoat troll).  They have yet to fully explore the keep, or the mine beyond.  I wonder what they’ll find there…


2 Responses to “The New Campaign”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with using pre-written adventures. I use them a lot, granted I always tweak it in some way. They are just great to use when you don’t want to spend dozens of hours preparing for an adventure.

  2. Todd said

    I agree John. The “(GASP)” was intended as sarcasm. Some GM/DM’s can be pretty elitist about that sort of thing…

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