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Family War Update

Posted by Todd on June 10, 2007

This just in!  At or around 3 AM we finished our weekend mega battle.

Becca went out first, when Stef softened up her `Caster and then Tracy finished her off.

Tracy was next to go, thanks to good ol’ Gorten’s double barrel attack.

After Stef and I scrambled for victory points by offing the inert jacks left behind, the end totals went like this:

Stefen: 14      Me: 13     Tracy: 10     Becca: 2 😦

Left on the field when I conceded to Stefen’s superiority were: Deneghra, Gorten, an inert Charger, and one Gunner, with no head or movement left.

All in all, a GREAT game, enjoyed by all!


One Response to “Family War Update”

  1. Lizcam said

    Poor Becca! Sounds like lots of fun! I loved “watching” you play via these posts. I forgot to tell Tracy this when I emailed. Keep up the posts!

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