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Armies of Immoren – Awesome!

Posted by Todd on June 27, 2007

In case you are a Warmachine player, and haven’t heard of this nifty little program, you need to check it out.  It’s called Armies of Immoren, and you can get it here.  I found out about it from my wife (Tracy to me, TAB to you) and I am excited.

At it’s most basic level it is an army builder, but that is only the beginning.  Its database covers all of Privateer Press’ models for both Warmachine and Hordes (though, not being a Hordes player I can’t really tell you much about that side of things with any level of credibility.) 

It does not provide stats, but it does have point costs, field allowances, and victory points for each model/unit.  A simple drag and drop interface lets you build your army and the program ensures that your list is valid and legal.  The print feature allows you to print your army list (obviously) with all points costs shown, and it will also print out pages with damage blocks and grids for your ‘jacks and other multiwound figures.

The program will also track your collection.  Drag and drop the models you own from all factions into you collection and save.  Then, once you make an army list, the program can show you exactly how many models you are missing.  It can even tell you the “retail” value of your army and how much you’ll need to spend to “fill it in” with the models you’re missing.  (Retail is based on MSRP, in US Dollars, no tax, etc.)

You can also copy your army list to the clipboard as plain text or as BBCode.  Great for posting your lists to the web.

Best of all, its absoutely free!  If you play Warmachine (or Hordes) you owe it to yourself to check this program out.


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