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I love my wife, I hate the Harbinger.

Posted by Todd on July 1, 2007

Last night Tracy and I sat down to our first one on one game of Warmachine.  I led a Cygnarian force against her newly aquired Protectorate force.  It was a fun game, despsite the fact that the Harbinger of Menoth is a “broken” warcaster who should cost at least three times what her 107 point price tag is.  Not that I’m bitter….

The armies went like this:


Strike from a Distance

Tracy’s Terrors



Protectorate of Menoth

Army Points:



Victory Points:




Commander Coleman Stryker

Harbinger of Menoth


Charger (2)



Field Mechaniks (4)
Herne and Jonne

Daughters of the Flame
Exemplars Errant (6)


Journeyman Warcaster
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator
Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios

Knight Exemplar Seneschal

As you can see, my army is set up slightly more for ranged combat than hers.  This worked well for me at first.  I took out her entire unit of Exemplars before she even got a swing in.  Eiryss was inside a house, sniping through a window, waiting for the Harbinger to get close enough to hit. 

As the game progressed (rnd 3 or so), she got the Harbinger close enough to use her feat.  With a roll of ten on the damage roll, every stinking one of my models took 24-ARM damage.  I was instantaneously dropped to Stryker, two seriously hurt Chargers, and Jonne.  Of course, one of the Chargers was in the Journeyman’s battlegroup and went inactive at that point.  Jonne failed his command check and fled. 

She flew in with her Daughters of the Flame, surrounded Stryker, and assassinated his ass in short order.

Like I said, I enjoyed the game even though I got stomped.  I have no qualms with either of our gameplay.

The accursed Harbinger, however, I have beef with for the following:

  • FOC 10!?!
  • A weapon that auto-hits
  • A feat that is almost guaranteed to wipe out every unit of one damage models in one fell swoop
  • Making every model in 10″ of her fearless

I could deal with that, but not with a 107 point price tag.  Way too cheap in my opinion.  Someone in development should have tweaked that before printing out cards…

If you can think of ways that the Harbinger is fair, please comment and let me know.  I would really appreciate being able to not dispise my wife’s chief warcaster.


6 Responses to “I love my wife, I hate the Harbinger.”

  1. Jeremy Danielson said

    The Harbinger’s feat only affects models with LOS to her, and that is after movement. To avoid this damage, have them turn sideways so that she is not in their front arc on the turn after she feats, but so that they can see other stuff. For this reason, the feat is generally considered defensive in nature, to protect the Harbinger. Moving behind terrain so as not to have LOS also works.

    Her main weakness is her large base size and mediocre defense. Very few things will block LOS to her, so you can often pick her off fairly easily. Additionally, most of her armor comes from focus, which can be stripped. You only need to neutralize the devout. Styrker has earthquake, Caine has Thunder Strike, Haley has Scramble, etc. etc. Then pop the Harbinger’s big base with Eiryss’ disrupter bolt to drain off her focus (now armor 15) and go to town with whatever attacks you have handy.

    I highly recommend you include a Lancer over a second Charger. Arcing spells like earthquake, etc, is important for getting good use out of your casters, as well as keeping them out of danger from behind. Khador and Hordes do not have arc nodes, and I make them feel it. Neither does the Harbinger.

  2. Jeremy Danielson said

    Oops, armor 14 after disruptor bolt.

  3. Todd said

    I appreciate the tips, Jeremy! We are admittedly new to Warmachine, and I think part of the problem stems from a misunderstanding on how her feat worked. We thought it was a rediculously large AOE effect that happened instantaneously. After reading your comment, (and re-reading the feat) I think I see the problem and now have to backpedal a bit on my ranting. Phooey.

    I normally like to use Lancers. I went for 2 Chargers because I wanted ranged attacks.

  4. […] gamer of the family, and will be celebrating 20 years tenure soon. I am not the best gamer but my Harbringer of Menoth does seem to be a menace to him at times even after getting a bit of rules […]

  5. hakoMike said

    The Harbinger is irritating, but not without limitation. She’s still a large base, so you can shoot her right through smaller bases. I’ll echo the comment about her feat, and add that I don’t think you roll once for damage that gets applied to all models. I’m pretty sure damage rolls are done individually for each model affected by the feat. I find it difficult to do a great deal of damage with her feat, but try to use it in such a way to make my opponent take the hit or set himself up to be charged next turn.

    Where the Harbinger gets to be irritatingly broken is the Martyrdom spell. It allows High Paladin Vilmon and two Paladins to be practically invincible, and the d3 damage she takes is easily recharged by her 10 focus.

  6. justin said

    one of her limatations is the cost of her spells.

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