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If I got Stomped any Harder or More Often, I’d be a Bootheel

Posted by Todd on July 8, 2007

Played some more Warmachine yesterday/today.  I’ll spare you the army lists, but it was a four-way free-for-all among the family.  I was on Cygnar, Tracy had Protectorate, Stefen ran Cryx, and Becca had Khador.  Stef’s Cryx slaughtered me.

Some folks might wonder, “Todd, since you don’t ever seem to win, doesn’t that discourage you?”  And to that I say no.  I enjoy the game.  I like playing and having fun with the family.  Don’t get me wrong, winning is fun and I do try to win.  But as corny as it may sound, any game that was fun is a game that I win.

Plus, I view it as a challenge.  As long as I’m able to learn from my mistakes, improve my tactics, and keep a good attitude, I’m not gonna do anything less than play like I got a pair!


2 Responses to “If I got Stomped any Harder or More Often, I’d be a Bootheel”

  1. TAB Studio said

    I had a great time also.
    (I could mention that prevailed with a giddy smile
    Even with the fixed-broken war caster 😀 )
    Nah, I will just blow you a kiss!

  2. Todd said

    I love you too, Tracy!

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