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Adventure Design Forms and GM Screen are ready for Download!

Posted by Todd on July 31, 2007

As mentioned in posts before, I have been working on a conversion of the Dungeon Masters Design Kit in MS Excel.  It is now ready and online.  Here it is!

As an extra special bonus prize, I have uploaded my own GM Screen, also in Excel.  It consists of a three-panel Player’s side (with all of the info players are likely to need) and a series of six panels for the Dungeonmaster.  I recommend laminating the player panels as single sided pages, and the DM panels as double-sided pages.  The way I use them is in a double-sided three-panel pocket screen, (like this) with the player sides facing out. The DM sides (being double sided) are reversible, depending if you are planning an adventure or playing the game.

I hope you enjoy!


EDIT:  Due to sad circumstances, the files no longer exist on the server linked to above.  For this I apologize.  Also, I no longer maintain this blog.  However, I DO maintain this one, and if you contact me there, I can get the files to you…


2 Responses to “Adventure Design Forms and GM Screen are ready for Download!”

  1. Norman said

    Just had a quick look and it looks awesome. My wife threw my design kit out some years ago, and this looks like it could be an ideal replacement.

    Excellent work

  2. Todd said

    Thank you, Norman!

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