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George Orwell, my new un-best Friend

Posted by Todd on August 1, 2007

The following is a public service announcement from someone who is not Big Brother.  If you have not yet read George Orwell’s “1984”, please refrain from doing so.  Unless you have a penchant for gloom, a taste for depression, or a strong desire for a shitty ending, there is no good reason for anyone to read this book.

Mind you, I understand to some degree the importance of this work in the historical sense.  At the time it was written, it was a warning to us all that if we care about our world and its future, this is what we want to avoid. 

Sadly, in my opinion, it would seem that we don’t care, as this is what our world is turning toward.  The telescreens that made the readers of the 50’s to the present paranoid, are here in the form of government-sanctioned wiretaps.  The activities of the Ministry of Love?  Sounds a lot like what went down with the war prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.  Frightening.

If you want to get depressed and feel shitty about how the world is and what hell it’s going to, don’t read 1984, read the newspaper.


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