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I Finally WON!

Posted by Todd on August 5, 2007

   Gobber Battle Report

Check it out!  The Family sat down on Saturday for a game of one-on-ones, me vs. Tracy, and Becca vs. Stef.  And I actually won a game of Warmachine.  It was an excellent game, very well matched and exciting.  She used her units to swarm Eiryss right from the get-go.  I retaliated with Ball- and Chain-Lightning spells to take them out.  Near the end, I was ready to concede the game to her (she had pounded my Lancers to scrap and killed all of the Mechaniks), but she insisited we play it out.  And I managed to pull it together and win.  Yipee!

Player Todd Tracy
Army Name MicroNemo Tracy’s Broken Beauties
Faction Cygnar Protectorate
Points Cost 347 997
Victory Points Possible 14 37
Battlegroup One Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo
Harbinger of Menoth
Units Field Mechaniks (4) w/ Lancer Daughters of the Flame
Exemplars Errant (6)
Solos Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Knight Exemplar Seneschal

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