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My Renewed Passion for the Written Word

Posted by Todd on April 1, 2008

It’s been seven long months since I have last posted to the B.O.M.B., and while I could blame it on myriad things, it most likely boils down to one thing…lack of inspiration and lack of motivation.  O.K., two things.  In addition, I’m going to school 3/4 time and working full time.  Three things.  I’ll start over…


You get the idea.

So what or who do I owe my newfound inspiration and drive?  Howard Tayler, creator, artist, and author of Schlock Mercenary .  It’s an awesome space opera web comic that I would recommend to everyone.  He (and two of his fellows) have started a podcast called Writing Excuses which is a short but informative cast that is about authoring genre fiction.  It is delightful.

So that got the ball rolling again for me.  As an incidental effect, it got me interested in listening to podcasts.  As an estate gardener (read: glorified lawn boy) by trade, I often have long periods of quiet time while weeding, trimming, or whatever, that I can use to listen to my mp3 player.

So, one night while surfing about, I decided to look into what other podcasts there might be available on the subject.  I found several, but one that caught my eye (ear?) at first was by Alan and Rebecca Lickiss. They not only discuss and give pointers to writers, but also give an exercise to try at the end of each program. I think what I’d like to do is this: as I listen to each one, I would like to post here my attempts at the exercises. Though it seems like I’d giving myself homework, I think it will do me good just to start writing again, regardless of subject matter, just as a means of practice and to get the creative juices flowing again. I haven’t listened to all of their past podcasts yet, but I’ll start with chapter (episode) one keep going until I catch up as time allows.

Another one that I found was The WritingCast, which is a similar type cast by Ivy Reisner.  She too gives “prompts” to go with each episode, and I’d like to use those as inspiration as well.

Ironic that my renewed interest for the written word comes from the spoken word, but I owe them thanks regardless.


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