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Hello.  I am Todd Hersey, known formerly as FreakDaemon in college, the DM of Doom on the website and forums, and as the Hedge Wizard on my family’s old website.  Now I have grown up a bit and I am just Todd, from

I am a husband, father, gamer, student, writer, web designer, and gardener.

I was born in West Virginia but grew up in Ohio from ages four to 19.  I graduated from Martins Ferry High School thirteenth of the class of 1993.  I spent a couple of terms at the local tech school, but dropped out until the next fall when I went to the University of Akron.  A heavy rotation of late nights playing Magic: the Gathering and a wide assortment of role-playing games left little time for studies, so the following summer I joined the Navy in search of discipline. 

I globe trotted in the US Navy Seabees for about 4 years, spending time in Gulfport Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Okinawa Japan, Norfolk Virginia and Honduras.  After my honorable discharge, I landed in Florida.
After bouncing around at a few jobs (telecommunications cable tech and mobile scaffolding builder) I was employed as a landscaper by the Plants’ Loving Doctor, Incorporated. Tracy, the owner/operator, gave me one of the most memorable telephone interviews I have ever received.  The best part went something like this:

Tracy:  “Do you have any problem taking orders from a woman?”
Me (trying to be witty and clever):  “No, I’ve got a mom and I used to have a wife, ha, ha…”
Tracy:  “I am not your mama and I am not your wife…”
Me:  “No, wait…” (Sucking up from here on out.)

On January 1, 2003, we were married in a friend’s mansion, and the entire wedding party was decked out in full medieval garb.  I have her name (in Elven) tattooed on my finger as my wedding ring.  She has my name tattooed on hers.

She has two delightful children from her previous marriage, Becca and Stefen.  I love them dearly, as if they were my own, which in a sense, they are.  Some things transcend biology, and love is one of these.

We all work in the sunny Florida weather making homes look beautiful by day, and do schoolwork, play games, and paint miniatures by night.  Tracy and I both attend St Petersburg College part time, Becca is enrolled as FSU, and Stef is now in High School.

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