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Archive for the ‘Battle Reports’ Category

I Finally WON!

Posted by Todd on August 5, 2007

   Gobber Battle Report

Check it out!  The Family sat down on Saturday for a game of one-on-ones, me vs. Tracy, and Becca vs. Stef.  And I actually won a game of Warmachine.  Read the rest of this entry »


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4000 points in Seven Days

Posted by Todd on July 31, 2007

So what happens when the whole family decided to sit down to a 1000 point (each) megabattle on a Saturday night?  You have a warfare situation that consumes your dining room table until the following Friday night, that’s what!  Maybe some more experienced players (the guys who know every rule in and out and exactly what all of their units do and what they want them to do) can finish a game like that in an evening.   For us, the eight rounds of destruction took seven evenings of play.  But when we decide we want to cut our teeth and learn the rules, we commit!  (Even if it costs us our sanity for a week…)

Before I get into the “8 rounds in seven days” breakdown, I’ll let you in on the army lists: Read the rest of this entry »

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If I got Stomped any Harder or More Often, I’d be a Bootheel

Posted by Todd on July 8, 2007

Played some more Warmachine yesterday/today.  I’ll spare you the army lists, but it was a four-way free-for-all among the family.  I was on Cygnar, Tracy had Protectorate, Stefen ran Cryx, and Becca had Khador.  Stef’s Cryx slaughtered me.

Some folks might wonder, “Todd, since you don’t ever seem to win, doesn’t that discourage you?”  And to that I say no.  I enjoy the game.  I like playing and having fun with the family.  Don’t get me wrong, winning is fun and I do try to win.  But as corny as it may sound, any game that was fun is a game that I win.

Plus, I view it as a challenge.  As long as I’m able to learn from my mistakes, improve my tactics, and keep a good attitude, I’m not gonna do anything less than play like I got a pair!

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I love my wife, I hate the Harbinger.

Posted by Todd on July 1, 2007

Last night Tracy and I sat down to our first one on one game of Warmachine.  I led a Cygnarian force against her newly aquired Protectorate force.  It was a fun game, despsite the fact that the Harbinger of Menoth is a “broken” warcaster who should cost at least three times what her 107 point price tag is.  Not that I’m bitter…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Family War Update

Posted by Todd on June 10, 2007

This just in!  At or around 3 AM we finished our weekend mega battle.

Becca went out first, when Stef softened up her `Caster and then Tracy finished her off.

Tracy was next to go, thanks to good ol’ Gorten’s double barrel attack.

After Stef and I scrambled for victory points by offing the inert jacks left behind, the end totals went like this:

Stefen: 14      Me: 13     Tracy: 10     Becca: 2 😦

Left on the field when I conceded to Stefen’s superiority were: Deneghra, Gorten, an inert Charger, and one Gunner, with no head or movement left.

All in all, a GREAT game, enjoyed by all!

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