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The Front Cover

What you are about to view is the online edition of Todd Hersey’s Bits of My Brain notebook/journal/etc. (blog, if you insist…)

The Bits of My Brain (referred to as BOMB hereafter), began in the early 90’s as a collaborative high school English class journal project.  My friends and I would pass our required journals back and forth among ourselves and let the creativity flow.  It actually began it’s life as the Tomes of Improbability, in reference to the Infinite Improbability Drive of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame.  I still possess some of these Tomes.

Since that time I have maintained my own spiral notebooks that serve a similar purpose:  to brainstorm into, to rant at, to doodle in, et cetera.  Given that they are what I empty my skull into, I dubbed the first among them Bits of My Brain, which just happened to acronym-ize itself as BOMB, which incidentally, appealed to my manic-depressive-anarcho-freak tendencies at the time.

I’ve since gotten therapy and am much better.  But I still like the name.  So enjoy a peek into the head of an aging gamer geek-boy, but consider yourself warned.

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